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Wendy Salefski OTR/L, CHT

Hand therapy is a very important component of almost every hand and upper extremity problem.  That's why Dr. Smith & his Central Illinois Hand Center offers convenient in office occupational therapy for his patients.

Dr. Jeff Smith is committed to ensuring that his patients get the best possible therapy following his surgical treatments.  His therapist, Wendy Salefski, is a Certified Therapist (CHT) and is highly skilled and very experienced in the treatment of problems from the fingertips to the shoulder.  Wendy uses the best treatment modalities available to obtain maximum function to her patients.  She is also a specialist provider for A-Stym, a tool enhanced deep tissue treatment.  A-Stym stimulates the body to regenerate and remodel it's healing tissues.  A-Stym is one of the most researched and effective therapy treatments available.

Wendy is also a masterful technician in creating splints and Kinesiotaping as well as all motion therapy.  She is committed to helping her patients achieve the very best function for their injury.  She will also treat patients referred by other physicians.